By Laws

  1. All vehicles must be named
  2. All war wounds (black eyes, casts, etc) MUST be photographed
  3. Always be the first person to stick your hand in the bag of open candy
  4. Any product that you fall in love with will be discontinued
  5. Cowboy boots with zippers are just wrong
  6. Deliberately buying something that sticks up your butt (i.e. thong underwear) is just crazy
  7. Don’t ask me to touch nasty things (scabs, lumps, etc)
  8. Don’t eat anything you can see from the outside when the animal was alive
  9. Don’t eat chicken noodle soup that comes out of a can
  10. Don’t eat colored nachos
  11. Don’t eat swimmy things
  12. Don’t eat used food
  13. Don’t eat vital organs (kidney, liver, etc)
  14. Don’t put anything extra in my drink – if I wanted a fruit salad, I would ask for one!
  15. Don’t put the TV in front of the window
  16. Don’t shave your legs until the playoffs are over
  17. Don’t swim in the company pond
  18. Don’t talk when the Beatles are playing [Lionel’s rule]
  19. Don’t tell me what to do
  20. Fart art is never acceptable
  21. Gotta have chocolate cake with chocolate icing for your first birthday
  22. Gotta have fun socks
  23. Guys are idiots sometimes!
  24. Hockey comes first
  25. I can’t if you did
  26. If it comes out of the oven, you have to eat it last [Tim Horton’s rule]
  27. If they will screw around with you, they will screw around on you
  28. If your name does not fit on the back of your jersey, you can’t play
  29. If your speedometer stops working you must regulate speed by using the rear view mirror vibration
  30. If your team wins, you have to wear the same clothes to the next game
  31. It has to rain when you are camping
  32. It’s always lovely weather on Easter weekend in BC
  33. It’s always rotten weather on Easter weekend in Southwestern Ontario
  34. Lacey does not play in Prince George
  35. Only steal FUN stuff
  36. Passenger pays for coffee
  37. People moving out of Prince George have to have a Mr. PG
  38. People who eat nasty food have to sit at a different table
  39. Sometimes a small baby is much smaller a few weeks later
  40. Sugar after salt, always
  41. Teen aged girls and their Mom's are GOING to fight
  42. The article with the best sale will not be available in your size
  43. The longer your layover at an airport, the greater chance that your departing flight will be delayed
  44. The more important something is, the more likely you are to lose it
  45. The more you want something, the less likely you are to get it
  46. The weather will be nicest on your first day back to work
  47. There is dog hair on my floors - deal with it!
  48. Using a wood stove will cause your clothes to shrink
  49. Wearing a rubber shirt makes your brain fall out
  50. When the girls get together, they have to drink Baja
  51. You are thinner when standing on your toes
  52. You can only fracture the names of TWO players on your own team
  53. You can’t breathe when there are too many round things on the table
  54. You can’t breathe when you have snow stuck to the bottom of your boots
  55. You can’t breathe when you have sugar on your fingers
  56. You can’t eat an animal you have met
  57. You can’t eat onion rings alone because there has to be somebody there to eat the onions
  58. You can’t FA LA LA in December
  59. You can’t go to the bathroom with your coat on – but you CAN throw up with your coat on
  60. You cannot go back to work early from a group lunch
  61. You don’t get to complain about things that happened in a different century
  62. You have to be nice when you are wearing panty hose
  63. You have to buy yourself a present with ‘found money’
  64. You have to cry when you throw up
  65. You have to cry when you watch the movie MASK (the story of Rocky Dennis)
  66. You have to 'dip' when dancing to "I Saw Her Standing There"
  67. You have to dis’ the players on the other team
  68. You have to dress up for church on Easter
  69. You have to eat junk food when you travel
  70. You have to have chocolate after you eat McDonald’s fry’s
  71. You have to have Eggies to get the team to score a goal
  72. You have to have Tim Horton’s coffee to start the day
  73. You have to pick on younger siblings
  74. You have to stop at Tim Horton’s in 100 Mile House because there is not another one until Kamloops
  75. You have to stop at Tim Horton’s on the way back from lunch
  76. You have to wear cowboy boots when you go dancing
  77. Your TRUE friends are always in your life no matter how many days, weeks, months or years may pass

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