Tuesday, November 20, 2012

feeling glum

Sunday I had a nightmare about the stuff of Greg's still in my driveway [for those of you keeping track, he moved out on August 07]. I decided last night that I was going to call Greg's father Paul today about getting rid of this junk and probably because of that woke up this morning with an upset stomach. I ended up leaving work at lunch because my stomach was so upset. I came home and took some Gravol and spent the afternoon in bed. Just about the time I would normally be getting home from work, Greg phoned. I answered to ask what he is doing about the shit in the driveway. He said he does not have access to a truck so does not know what to do with it. I pointed out to him that the only things that he owns with any financial value is the stuff left in my driveway; motorcycle, safe, generator, which is the reason I have been hesitating in turfing the stuff. Greg was in tears more than once during our short conversation which of course brings out all sorts of emotions in me. I did not let on to him what I was feeling. I know things ended badly but I shared my life with him for 4 years and listening to him today made me sad. I am giving myself permission to be sad but going to take some Gravol and go to bed. Tomorrow I will continue with moving on. I am so tired of talking about this and dealing with this. I really need this to be done once and for all.

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