Friday, December 21, 2012

My Dad rocks ...

My ex has apparently still not figured out the whole "we are DONE" thing.  [For those of you playing along at home, my ex moved out on August 07 2012]  
December 12  he called 4 times  I didn't answer
December 17 he called I didn't answer 
December 19 he called, my Dad answered.  He asked for me, Dad said "you are talking to ME now.  She does not want anything to do with you" at which time my ex hung up.  Dad was a bit annoyed cos he had some other things he wanted to say to my ex!  
A friend suggested we might run into my ex around town and if that happens "make sure you film the beating your dad lays on him".  Of course she is kidding.  My Dad does not yell let alone get violent but the suggestion gave me a giggle. 
I may be 50+ years old but I am still Daddy's little girl; mess with me and you will have to answer to him!


  1. Hhehe YES he rocks.. and also not a bad idea to have a video or photos in case you have to report him to the cops.. I always think it is safe to cover your back!! Have a great Christmas!!

  2. Christmas Greetings!
    With many good wishes for Christmas and the coming year.

  3. I have been neglecting my Blogger lately. Shame on me. None the less, I am returning with great anticipation of catching up with all the latest on you. Just because I have not been around lately, doesn't mean that I have not been wondering how you are doing. Stay well, "...I shall be back..." :)