Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Poor DeeDee

Poor DeeDee Dakota would not start so had to get towed to the garage 
the good news is that her refusal to start is nothing serious. The bad news is that the reason she would not start is because the auto start got activated. Considering I have not used it in months and don't even know where the remotes are makes it concerning.  
My mechanic Bruce totally rocks!  Since DeeDee was there he did an oil change and the total bill was just over $70!! He is doing research to find out if there is an easy way to deactivate the auto start without negatively impacting anything else.  I totally lucked out when Bruce opened his shop and even better that he is located close enough to my office that I can easily walk any time I have to drop off the truck.  


  1. Poor Dee Dee. :( Nice that the bill was so resonable. Hope you got the 'auto start' issue straightened out.

  2. Maybe I spent too long with a paranoid person and this is gonna sound totally nuts but …
    The reason that I have not used the auto start in forever is because I do not know where the remotes are. I had one and Greg had one. Is it a coincidence that the auto start magically came on when there was a vehicle in the driveway that was covered in snow so obviously had been there overnight? Did I mention it was a vehicle that Greg would not know and it has Alberta plates on it?