Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I called Greg’s step mother Connie last weekend and told her to let Greg know that at 1pm on October 20 I was going to start dragging Greg’s stuff outside.  Greg and his Dad were here on Wednesday and Friday and to no one’s surprise did not show up on Saturday.  Again I called Connie and said the stuff was going out on Monday when I got home from work.  My stomach was upset all Monday morning.  I got home at lunch to find Greg had left 3 messages on my voice mail saying he can’t move the stuff until Wednesday.  I spent the next half hour throwing up and ended up not going back to work.  Greg and his Dad did come over and I was hoping they were going to finally take everything but no such luck.  My stomach was still pretty upset Tuesday so booked off work sick.  I am determined that whatever stuff of Greg’s is left in the garage when I get home from work on Wednesday I am taking it outside.  I am not making a phone call about it in advance.  The garage door is unlocked so Greg can access the garage to get his crap while I am at work on Wednesday.  I need this to be done.  I can’t start to heal and/or move on when every time I walk out my front door or pull in my driveway I am faced with Greg’s motorcycle in my driveway.  I cannot keep going on like this.  I am sure all this crap is what is causing my ongoing stomach problems.  It was July 23 when I told Greg it was over and today is October 23.  I made things way too good for Greg here and he does not want to let go but I am so very done! 

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  1. Oh, for pete's sake, pay to have his stuff carted off to an isolated spot. There are a few personal problems which can be solved by a suitable application of high explosives. :)