Sunday, October 14, 2012

Enough is enough

I called and spoke with Greg’s step mother Connie yesterday.  I told her I have been more than patient but am tired of waiting for Greg.  Therefore next Saturday October 20 at 1pm I am going to start taking what is left of his stuff here (safe, generator, motorcycle, box of electronics, bag of clothes, old computers and tools) out to the curb.  From there I do not care who picks it up. 
I told Connie I had called yesterday because I knew they would be speaking with Greg this weekend so I know he will get the message.   Saturday was Greg’s birthday, Sunday is Connie’s birthday.
On July 23 I told Greg it was over and I wanted him to leave.  He left here on August 07.  On August 10 I paid for a storage unit for a month and Greg's ex wife and kids and I moved all Greg's stuff from the house to the storage unit.  On September 11 Greg signed a legal document that he would pick up the rest of his stuff on September 22.  
In essence Greg has done nothing with regard to packing and/or moving his belongings.  He just turned 46 years old so I think it is time that HE take responsibility for HIS belongings and life! 


  1. I agree, enough is enough. You need to wash your hands of him. If the lease is in your name, I would phone his sister one last time and nicely say that you need to get on with your life and you would like to sign the storage rental lease over to her. That way you dont have that nagging you in the back of your mind.

    Other than this, I hope you are having a great week Linda!!

    1. I provided the cash for the first month at the storage unit but his ex wife took care of everything so it is probably under her name. Don't know for sure and does not matter. I do not have keys or access to the storage facility and I am fine with that.