Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I am truly blessed

I have a male friend with whom I have the neatest relationship.  We are not “in love” but truly love each other.  Since we have known each other, we both have been in relationships with other people and that’s okay.  There is no jealousy involved; we are both genuinely happy for the other, as long as they are happy.  We are very open with each other about any and every thing.  There have been times when we are both single that we ‘hook up’.  We easily transition from friends to lovers and back.  I would do anything in the world for him as he would for me. 
He is coming over this weekend and we are both quite excited about that.  I cautioned him that I have to go to church on Sunday as I am putting flowers on the altar in memory of my Mom.  To my surprise and delight he asked to go with me.  He is not a church type guy at all but wants to be there with and for me because I sometimes have a tough time with this service. 
I am very grateful and blessed to have this amazing guy in my world!  


  1. aka: FWB (Friends with Benefits), nothing wrong with it. But be careful, if your next squeeze learns that you've carried on in bed with your best guy pal, he may not feel comfortable with the two of you being together. Jealousy can happen even after the FWB relationship is over.
    That's nice that he was there to support you through your difficult time. Your mom's memory lives on even today!

    1. only a very foolish person would let a new squeeze learn about a FWB and my momma didn't raise no fools

  2. I wish he lived closer, like maybe in the same province, instead of 400 miles away!