Monday, October 08, 2012


  • Although I am truly blessed with amazing friends here, Thanksgiving is so family focused that it makes me really miss my Dad, brothers, nieces and nephew. 
  • At some point during the month I write and submit memorials to go in the newspapers on November 01 in memory of my Mom. 
  • I am not interested nor do I participate in Halloween but it is everywhere. 
  • I arrange for flowers on the altar at church the last Sunday of the month in memory of my Mom then attend that church service.  
  • October 08 would have been my [22nd in 2012 if you are keeping track] wedding anniversary had my life gone differently. I did not make it to the altar; I got dumped exactly two months before the wedding date. Some years I do not even think about it but other years it is very prominent in my mind. 
  • The first time I had to have my dog put down was October 25 2002. 
  • The weather goes from generally not bad in September to downright nasty in October. We always have snow before Halloween.


  1. Helloooo Linda!

    I am a "The glass is half full" person. I am always trying to find the positives in bad situations. Yeah...I get a lot of flack for it and a lot of negative comments, but it is who I am.

    I love October. It starts to cool down, the trees change colors. We have the holidays which means days off!!!

    My entire family lives on the east coast except my dad and brother. My dad is usually up north this time of year and my brother is busy with his life, along with living an hour north of me. So a lot of my time I am alone. The kids do holiday meals with their dads parents.

    I have no nieces or nephews. I like the quiet.

    Your brothers and your dad are just a flight away. That is not a bad thing.

    It is great that you keep your mothers memory alive by writing memorials regarding her. Don't think of it as a chore. Make it happy...not about loss. Maybe write about a great memory that you have. A different one each year.

    We need to be happy for the time we were able to spend with our moms. It could have been much shorter. We need to be glad that they are not stuck in a sick, weak body any more. They are healthy and waiting for us. And they are happy!! And they are with their loved ones. Their moms and dads, brother, sister, aunts, uncles, cousins. I am thankul that my mom is no longer suffering.

    I like the haunted houses and hotels at Halloween. I like to get scared. :) I do not like wetting my pants. is great that you remember your mother. Just keep it happy. She would not want you to be sad. That was one of the things my mom said to me. "Amy,I do not want you to be sad when I am gone." "It is okay to cry and be sad for a little bit, but remember our happy and good times together." She also said "I do not want you to remember me the way I am right now. Remember who I was when I was healthy...not this body."

    You would not want your mom to be sad if you were gone. We will be together again one day.

    Maybe do flowers at a different part of the year so everything doesnt fall in October/November?

    Be glad that your relationship broke up two months before your wedding. It would have been much worse after. Your break up is one thing you do not need to be holding on to. That to me is a waste of energy.

    I have been married twice and I couldnt even tell you now how long those marriages would have been to this day. I could tell you approximate...but I may be off a year or two.

    I may sound harsh, but really, life does go on and a lot of times it is much better than what it could have been. Life is what we make it.

    In my life time, I have had 4 pets...well 5 if you count my hamster, die. Three were put to sleep. One died choking to death on a cheeseburger. But he had a good life, Jake was 13. They gave me a lot of happiness. We need to be happy for that.

    I dont know what to say about the weather there. You could be stuck here with no snow. I like the snow.

    I am not saying that you have to dread October, but maybe look at it a different way. And just completely let go of the break up before your marriage.

    These comments are just my way of looking at things/life. I hope that you get through the next coming months with at least a smile on your face. :) You have a great smile!

    1. your comments are always welcome Amy. I don't normally dwell on this stuff but was feeling glum and all this kind of hit me at once. Felt much better once I vented

    2. Understandable Linda. Glad you are feeling better. :)

    3. Understandable Linda. Glad you are feeling better!! :)

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog..hope to keep visiting yours too. I am without both of my parents to now so I know how it feels. I take it you are from where the cold winds blow earlier than November. We have had some snow here in the U P of Michigan and I hope it stays that way..too early for me for sure.I usually am in the lower part of Michigan but right now am visiting the middle part. Hope your family has a wonderful fall season. The children are darling and the animals too. Hugs to you..

    1. hey Caroldee thanks for stopping by. They are calling for snow here tonight - I am soo not ready for that yet!

  3. The thing about getting hurt is that it’s a long process. It starts with a physical or emotional attachment, followed by a disturbance that makes it clear you have to let go, and eventually a phase where you have to accept what happened, try to understand, and start rebuilding yourself. Been there myself and more times than I care to admit. Like yourself, my past has been full of disappointments. It took me a l o n g time to realize that the best mentality for me to have, is that my past led me to where I stand at any given moment in time. That means I can take my future in any direction I wish. I feel the same is very true for you.

    Lets face it, we all have experienced heartbreak at one time or another... the stories we relive in our head for understanding and closure. When we hold onto those heartbreaks, we can never grow or become better. Once we find the strength and courage to accept our past, we will then find new opportunities and happiness. I found it a lot easier to stay open to new opportunities and look forward to happiness again after I realized that the human heart becomes a lot stronger after it breaks.