Wednesday, October 17, 2012

suggestions welcome!

Greg and his father Paul showed up just after I got home on October 17. Paul came to the door to see if they could pick up some stuff.  Paul wanted to know if Greg could pick up some stuff over the next few days. I said I didn't want Greg just showing up. Paul said he will make sure he comes with Greg; I said that was okay. 
I went out and asked Greg to sign the Final Order from our Judicial Case Conference.  He said he already signed a document at the JCC.  I explained it has to be signed again; he did not want to do that without clarification.  I signed the form and gave it to him to take to the court house.
Don't know why but after they left I started to cry and still feel quite weepy.  What is going on with me?

ADDENDUM OCT 18 - After giving it some thought my pop psychology answer is that last night I was doing the grieving I would have done months ago had I not been dealing with the stupid shit.  There were a lot of good moments in the relationship and I do need to take time to grieve that. 
It is hard to not think of him every day when his motorcycle is still sitting in my driveway; a tangible reminder of him every time I leave the house.  I think it will be easier once all his shit is gone.  


  1. Oh really really have been going through it and I wish the strength of the grief will lessen and lessen with each passing day, my friend. xo

  2. Maybe Gregs father will be able to make sure everything is gone and yes, I do think it will help when everything is gone.

    Good luck!